What makes us different?

We search high and low for the growers and suppliers who can deliver their products to us just off the vine. Our produce professionals buy locally, nationwide and internationally with an eye towards freshness. That means the produce you select for your family is just steps away from the fields. And that means you get the best tasting, most nutritional produce available.

Find your favorite fresh fruits! All our fruits are grown in US and Canada unless otherwise indicated

No breakfast is complete without dairy, so make sure you shop from us before you fry the eggs!


From boneless beef to chicken drums, we?ll have everything that your family craves for


Are you eating enough veggies? We?ll fill your dinner plate with the greens!

Proud Member

Proud members of Spartan Foods & Our Family -? is an extensive line of high quality products that are equal to or better than the national brands.


You name it and we have it! Enjoy family or single serving items.

Money Orders / Check Free Pay

We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service regarding Money Orders / Check Free Pay services.


Our PharMore will provide your pharmacy services to the maximum expectations

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